A family business created by Frans & Liz Roskam

A new vineyard for Frans & Liz Roskam.

Clos Roskam

A new vineyard for Frans & Liz Roskam.



After 13 years in the Médoc and three daughters, we are returning to the Right Bank of Bordeaux to focus on our new property in Pomerol, Clos Roskam.  We are delighted to begin our new adventure with the first vintage in 2022!




A story worthy of a  romance novel...

The family

A story worthy of a romance novel...

Liz is American from Illinois. She came to Toulouse for a semester to study at ESA Purpan, and met Frans during her studies at Purpan and then during her internship at Chateau Cantenac, Frans' family estate in Saint Emilion. Having fallen in love with Bordeaux wines, and of course with Frans, Liz returned to live in Saint Emilion after completing her studies at the University of Illinois. Frans completed his engineering studies at Purpan before, like Liz, he returned to study for the "Diplome National d'Oenologie" at the University of Bordeaux.


Twenty-three years on, Frans & Liz have three daughters and are still as passionate about wine as ever. In addition to Clos Roskam, Frans manages Chateau Cantenac with his maternal family. Frans and Liz are both very happy to be back in the Pomerol & Saint Emilion region, bringing them closer to family.

One of Pomerol's smallest estates.

The vineyard

One of Pomerol's smallest estates.


Our 0.42-hectare vineyard is made up of four parcels, each with different characteristics. This patchwork of terroirs allows us to express variety and complexity. In keeping with the tradition of AOC Pomerol, the vineyard is planted mainly with Merlot.

The Clos Roskam estate is completely enclosed by a hedge, hence the name "Clos", meaning a parcel of vines enclosed by a hedge or wall. The vines and soil are carefully worked by hand by Frans & Liz, like a secret garden!





Respect for nature.


The Clos Roskam vineyard has been in Organic Conversion since its creation. Our wines will be certified organic from the 2023 vintage!



A small winery for a big wine.

The Cellar

A small winery for a big wine.

Like the size of our vineyard, our winery is a tiny treasure hidden away below our house. Semi-underground, the temperature of our cellar stays naturally cool, and we are as close as possible to our developing wine! We strive for the opportunity to utilize the finesse and strength that blending different wines gives.  With that in mind, our small stainless steel vats allow us to separate the different areas of the vineyard during vinification. Thirty-liter glass "Dames Jeannes" jars help us to select even more precise press wines. The final blending takes place after three months of barrel aging. The wine is aged for 16 months in oak barrels before bottling.

In search of elegant & balanced wines.

It is our experiences that developed our taste for fine wines. First at Ets Jean Pierre Moueix with renowned wine maker Jean Claude Berrouet, and then with winemaking consultants Jacques and Éric Boissenot. A number of internships in the USA and Lebanon continued to introduce us to the world of wine.

Clos Roskam - Pomerol

Our Wine

Clos Roskam - Pomerol

Our rare and exclusive wine is lovingly produced by our family, with the pursuit of producing a "Grand Vin" as our main goal. 


Production  :  2800 bottles

Grape Variety: 100% Merlot

Maturation  : 16 months in oak barrels, 50% of which in new oak



We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase our Clos Roskam 2022 in the traditional Bordeaux "En Primeurs" or in English Future where wines are purchased before they are bottled. If you are interested, please contact us by email or through the request form below.  

An online boutique will be available in the future, but in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us directly! The bottling of our 2022 vintage will take place in spring 2024 and the wine will be available for delivery in the summer 2024.

Tech Sheet Clos Roskam 2022

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